Questions Frequently Asked by Clients

Can you tell me about yourself?

My name is Neal Sobol. I graduated from Southwestern University School of Law in 1986, and was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1987. I have practiced personal injury law for over almost 30 years.

What kind of cases do you handle?

We deal with personal injury cases, which include wrongful death, soft tissue, dog bite, motorcycle accidents, and serious injury cases. I seek to obtain the maximum available compensation for clients who have been seriously injured in automobile or other accidents, or have been injured as a result of defective products. We specialize in this area and represent the injured party (plaintiff) in their claim against insurance companies. We do not represent or otherwise work for insurance companies.

Why should I hire your firm?

My law firm has resolved over 12,000 personal injury claims, either through successful negotiations or lawsuits. I have always stressed the importance of providing ethical service to clients and maximizing compensation for their claims. Many clients have come to us after being dissatisfied with a lack of communication from a former attorney, and have found that I get results and am concerned about giving clients the personal attention they deserve. I invite you to view the Client Testimonials section of this website and to contact me with any further questions you might have.

Will you aggressively pursue my claim?

Yes. Where necessary, we will file a lawsuit and fight it all the way. We have almost 30 years of experience pursuing lawsuits in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. We will proceed to trial or arbitration on our case when we believe it necessary to get the best result for you.

Give me an idea of some of the cases you have handled?

We have sued the City of Glendale for injuries caused by faulty equipment, a national tire company for manufacture of sub-standard tires, major automobile manufacturing companies for making and distributing defective cars, major insurance companies for bad-faith dealings with their clients, as well as other major corporations. We have represented families in wrongful death cases and serious injury cases of various kinds. We also handle the more routine type of cases involving insured individuals whose negligence has caused injury and damage to others.

Have you ever been disciplined by any Bar Association for any reason, or do you have any disciplinary action pending against you at this time?

No, I am proud to say that I have never been disciplined by any Bar Association, at any time, during all my years as an attorney. Nor do I have any disciplinary action pending against me at this time.

If I hire you, will I hear from your again?

We have never understood why so many attorneys fail to, or refuse to, adequately communicate with their clients during a claim or a lawsuit. We have frequently heard this complaint from clients who have left a former attorney and asked us to take on their case. We maintain close contact with our clients. I insist on a rule that every telephone to my firm be answered within 24 hours, absent unusual circumstances. Of course, that applies to e-mail as well. And, if we ever slip up on this, we encourage our clients to call the Office Manager, or myself, to get it sorted out quickly. We want to hear from you!

How do you get paid?

My fees and costs are paid at the end of your case, when I get a result for you. My fee is a percentage of the overall recovery. There are no up-front or out-of- pocket costs to you. Everything is covered at the end and only if I get a result for you. I have consistently achieved results for clients that made it advantageous to them to have hired me. It is always best to discuss your particular case with me directly.

Why do I need an attorney when involved in an accident?

The short answer is as follows: When you allow yourself to be unrepresented in an accident case, you are dealing with insurance company adjusters whose job involves representing that company's interests, not yours. They have handled (probably) hundreds of claims and are well trained in the ways and means of denying or minimizing your claim. You can't "un-ring the bell" meaning that, once you have dealt with the insurance company directly and damaged your own case, it is difficult to repair. Also, I get much higher recovery for clients than they could recover on their own.

When should I call a personal injury attorney after being involved in an accident?

As soon as you have taken care of any immediate medical emergency resulting from the accident, and have had a chance to obtain the necessary identifying information and insurance information from the person responsible for the accident. There are many good reasons why quickly contacting an attorney is in your best interest. Please see our article entitled Early Representation in the For Clients section of this site.

What information should I obtain after an accident?

Good question. This is best answered by going to the For Clients section of this site and reading the article entitled After an Accident. In short, however, you should get the name, address, telephone number and insurance information of the person who caused the accident, as well as his/her license plate number (if applicable) and any witness information.

I can't afford to hire an attorney what should I do?

The initial phone call to The Law Offices of Neal H. Sobol entitles you to a FREE consultation. If we mutually agree that legal representation is the best solution, we work on a contingency agreement. That means that there are no up-front out-of-pocket costs to you. We will wait until the end of the case to be paid and if for some reason the case goes bad, you do not owe us any fee at all. We are paid a percentage of what we get for you on the personal injury claim.

I don't have any health insurance but I need to see a doctor. Can you help?

We are in contact with hundreds of excellent chiropractic doctors, acupuncturists, and medical doctors who may be willing to take your case on an agreement to be paid when the case resolves, if you are represented by an attorney.

When should I contact my insurance company?

You should speak with a personal injury attorney BEFORE contacting any insurance company, even your own. Please be aware that under certain circumstances you are required to report an accident to both the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and to your own insurance company. Contacting an attorney who can advise you in these matters is very important.

What about my medical treatment?

It is very important that you not delay in getting any medical examination or treatment necessary as a result of an accident. It is also very important that you keep your appointments for all subsequent medical visits that might be necessary to treat your condition. Insurance companies often try to argue that delays in seeking examination or treatment, or "gaps" in treatments, are indications that you were not, in fact, injured, even though such conclusions are frequently erroneous.